10 rules for a safe and successful successful season

Use common sense and follow the rules for a safe and successful deer season.

As deer hunters across the country begin to head afield with firearms in hand, the number one concern must be safety.

We all hope for success and expect to have an enjoyable experience, but each year’s tragedy strikes. Lesser disruptions in pursuit of a good time include accidental game violations and confrontations with other hunters. If regulations, a few common-sense rules and suggestions are followed, deer season should be a great experience for every participating hunter. Please keep the following 10 rules in mind.

1. Know your firearm and how it functions

Never enter the field with a certain you are not familiar with. Everyone should have shot their firearm prior to taking it hunting. You must know where the safety is and how to properly use it. Know how to cycle your ammunition and be careful to never send a second or third shot accidently.