Can you still be a rancher without any cows?

A rancher declares her identity by the clothes she wears.  Can she wear them if she no longer owns cattle?

It rained and snowed the other day, the first real moisture to soak into this soil since 2021. The rain came slowly, allowing the soil to take a long drink instead of carrying itself down to the bottom of the hill. The soil particles expanded in an earthly sigh of relief.

I took a deep breath, too. I think I heard my neighbors whooping it up.

Last April, I waited impatiently to watch the grass that always turns green, always grows so fast that I can see getting taller every day. I waited through May. I sold some cows. I waited through most of June. The grass remained brown and crispy. I sold more cows.

Brief rains brought short grass and grasshoppers. I sold more cows.