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Cynthia Sessions


For several years now, Minot and ND have to witness the erosion of the quiet, peaceful, crime-free, moral life of its earliest settlers paved the way and provided for ND’s future generations.

The legalization of cannabis will only further erode that peace and morality. Since the legalization of medical marijuana our state has seen influxes of drug dealers from Michigan and other parts of the country. Two fled ND only to flee police in Wisconsin and while doing so killed two beautiful young souls.

We have seen not only a rise in domestic violence, we have seen that same disgusting violence repeatedly escalate the violence against women. When we continually read in our paper instances of men strangling women and throwing them against walls, etc., it is way past time to take a serious look at where our city and state are headed.

We seem to be running, running, running on a hamster wheel, chasing our legacy of great schools, safe communities, and high morales to keep in front of this rapid tide of drugs and crime and violence.

When shootings happen in the very ND restaurants our family members dine in and our ND children’s schools go on lockdown, it is time to reevaluate our priorities and reassess our future.

Do we want to end up like other crime-ridden cities, where you can go to Boston, as just one example, and have the addicted beg for money when you walk out of Walgrens, witness homelessness as you are walking around Harvard, or hear Both shouted vulgar profanity at a bus stop with shocked families with young children. Let’s not forget the homeless and high loiting all day at the beautiful Boston Common Park.

This is how it starts. Fargo downtown businesses were just on the news last night about how the homeless situation is out of control and hindering business and customers.

Let’s get off this hamster wheel and instead run with everything we’ve got to stop this terrible destruction of ND’s clean, safe, hard working, moral legacy, get some backbone and protect our state’s future, and our children and grandchildren’s future.

Those who are for this destruction will glamorize the money, but they don’t tell you the ugly side. The families destroyed by drugs, the sweet children traumatized by drugs, the women beaten by men who use drugs, and the innocent victims caught up in this drug culture. Besides the obvious trauma, you can be there are millions of dollars expended to fix these same problems we created.

Vote No!

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