Cathay Pacific Launches Miles Flights To Eight Destinations For Travel October 1 – 31, 2022 (Book By October 24)

Cathay Pacific’s Asia Miles has launched its first-ever Miles Flights, where all seats in all cabins are available at standard miles redemption rates.

The offer is valid for eight regional destinations in Asia for flights October 1 – 31, 2022, that must be booked by October 24.

You can access this offer on Cathay Pacific’s website here.

Miles Flights Destinations:


Hong Kong just reopened this week, as I have reported, without a quarantine that helps residents wishing to travel, which has, during the pandemic, required quarantines from 21 to 3 days.

There is great demand for flights ex-Hong Kong right now. Many international airlines have curtailed their flights here or halted them, leading to high prices and challenging availability.

I am glad that Cathay Pacific allows Asia Miles members to redeem their miles for every seat for these eight destinations at standard rates.

Terms and conditions of this offer:

1. This offer is applicable for all Cathay members on selected Cathay Pacific marketed and operated flights.

2. This offer is valid from 26 September 2022 14:00 HKT (GMT+8) to 24 October 2022 12:00 HKT (GMT +8).

3. The selected flights are available for travel between 1 October 2022 and 31 October 2022.

4. Selected Cathay Pacific marketed and operated flights under this offer:

  • Hong Kong to Bangkok CX701 – 1Oct, 4-5Oct, 7Oct-29Oct and 31Oct
    Bangkok to Hong Kong CX750 – 1-3Oct and 5-30Oct
  • Hong Kong to Cebu CX925 – 1-2Oct, 6-7Oct, 9Oct, 11-16Oct, 18-23Oct and 25-30Oct
    Cebu to Hong Kong CX926 – 1-2Oct, 6-7Oct, 9Oct, 11-16Oct, 18-23Oct and 25-30Oct
  • Hong Kong to Hanoi CX741 – 2Oct, 4Oct, 9Oct, 11Oct, 16Oct, 18Oct, 23Oct, 25Oct and 30Oct
    Hanoi to Hong Kong CX742 – 1-2Oct, 4Oct, 6Oct, 8-9Oct, 11Oct, 13Oct, 15-16Oct, 18Oct, 20Oct, 22-23Oct, 25Oct, 27Oct and 29Oct
  • Hong Kong to Ho Chi Minh City CX767 – 1-2Oct, 4-9Oct, 11-16Oct, 18-23Oct and 25-30Oct
    Ho Chi Minh City to Hong Kong CX764 – 1-2Oct, 4-5Oct, 7-9Oct, 11-12Oct, 14-16Oct, 18-19Oct, 21-23Oct, 25-26Oct and 28-29Oct
  • Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur CX725 – 1Oct, 7-8Oct, 12Oct, 14-15Oct, 19Oct, 21-22Oct, 26Oct and 28-29Oct
    Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong CX724 – 1Oct, 7-8Oct, 12Oct, 14-15Oct, 19Oct, 21-22Oct, 26Oct and 28-29Oct
  • Hong Kong to Manila CX903 – 1Oct, 3Oct, 5-29Oct and 31Oct
    Manila to Hong Kong CX930 – 1-2Oct, 4-5Oct, 7-30Oct
  • Hong Kong to Osaka CX596 – 8-10Oct, 13-17Oct, 20-24Oct and 27-29Oct
    Osaka to Hong Kong CX595 – 8-10Oct, 13-17Oct, 20-24Oct and 27-29Oct
  • Hong Kong to Seoul CX418 – 1Oct, 4Oct, 8Oct, 11-12Oct, 14-16Oct, 19Oct, 21-23Oct, 25-26Oct and 28-29Oct
    Seoul to Hong Kong CX411 – 2-3Oct, 5Oct, 9-10Oct, 12Oct, 16-17Oct, 19Oct, 23-24Oct, 26Oct and 30-31Oct

5. Tickets should be booked through Cathay Pacific website under Redeem Flight Award page.

6. Multi-city redemption is not allowed.

7. For member redeeming round-trip flights, it is not necessary to be Miles Flights on both sectors.

8. Any subsequent ticket changes shall refer to the flight award redemption rules.

9. The Cathay Membership Program terms and conditions apply.

10. Other Cathay Pacific Airways terms and conditions apply.

11. All matters and disputes relating to this offer will be subject to the final decision of Cathay Pacific Airways Limited and Asia Miles Limited.