Check Out This Convertible Offroader That Is A Great Suzuki Jimny Rip-off

Automobile enthusiasts are already in love with the Jimny. A very funky Suzuki out there, the Jimny, has become well-known for its style and ability to go off-road. In China, a Jimny convertible type was recently spotted. A China-based auto customization shop allegedly converted the stock Jimny into an open-top convertible. YouTube Channel Wheelsboy goes about showing us this very rare instance of a rip-off being cool!

The Suzuki Jimny has always been and probably always will be a cute off-road vehicle with a lot of power, no matter how it looks or what it’s called. The Japanese automaker is undoubtedly developing a five-door model of its not-for-America SUV. Still, we haven’t heard anything about an open-top model coming off the production line. Thank goodness, a reel Jimny convertible is already here!

What are the features of this one-of-its-kind convertible? Do the interior and exterior match the hypo it has received? Learn more about the modified Suzuki Jimny convertible that will blow your mind.

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A Closer Look At The New Modified Suzuki Jimny Convertible

The 5-door version of the Jimny has round headlights, a clamshell bonnet, headlights with neutral indicators, a front grille with vertical holes, and rear combination lamps. The headlights make the car look outstanding, as you can see far when driving at night. At the front is a boldly written inscription, “Conscience,” which makes you wonder what is behind it. Whatever it is, it tends to make a statement from the manufacturer.

The custom builder gave the SUV a unique look by adding black square wheel arches, side-profile knobby tires, black 6-spoke alloy wheels, and a sleek-looking LED taillight. The carbon fiber construction of the hefty bumpers and wheel wells is also noteworthy. The wheel is so strong, making it highly suitable for off-road adventures.

Yellow-Black Suzuki Jimny Convertible Side View
YouTube (@Wheelsboy)

The Jimny also has modern features like a 9-inch display infotainment system. With this system, you can get comprehensive details of several things, such as the navigation and speedometer. You can also enjoy yourself as the infotainment system provides audio options to amuse yourself with music. A few details about the interior and cost are currently available.

The Suzuki Jimny isn’t a stylish crossover that looks like a pair of waders, but its off-roading roots haven’t hurt its ability to drive on the road. It is more refined than any Jimny that came before it, and its hard-won speed and precise controls make it a thrill to drive.

The modified Suzuki Jimny convertible looks so sleek that it almost looks like a company’s concept car. Even though the 3-door model is much more popular because it is more useful, the 5-door version of the Jimny SUV will appeal to more car buyers.

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Performance Numbers Of The Original Suzuki Jimny

Yellow-Black Suzuki Jimny Convertible Front View
YouTube (@Wheelsboy)

Before we explore the modified Suzuki Jimny’s capabilities, let’s look at how wonderful the real deal is. Most people don’t buy a car based on how fast it goes, but the Jimny isn’t a good choice for someone who spends a lot of time on A-roads or motorways because it moves so slowly. You can drive it around town at slower speeds, but you must rev the little engine so much since it isn’t suitable for faster roads. It’s also extremely loud.

Even though it’s supposed to, the automatic gearbox doesn’t make things easier. When a car has bad performance, you have to put your foot down to get it to move, which can be very frustrating. At least with a manual, you have even more control and can hold onto gears longer when you need to speed up.

The Jimny only comes with a 1.3-liter gasoline engine, and no diesel alternative exists. The gasoline engine makes 84bhp, and the Jimny is an extremely slow car. The manual version can go from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 14.1 seconds, while the automatic version takes even longer at 17.2 seconds. The manual version’s top speed is 87mph, and the automatic version’s top speed is 84mph.

However, a lot seems to have changed for the modified Suzuki Jimny convertible. The 1.5-liter engine that powers cars like the Ertiga, XL6, and Brezza are installed in the convertible Jimny. Suzuki’s K15C Twin Jet engine produces 103 horsepower. It has an automatic transmission with 6 speeds and a ton of 4×4 abilities.

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Revisiting The Suzuki Jimny’s Legacy

Yellow-Black Suzuki Jimny Convertible Side View
YouTube (@Wheelsboy)

For enjoyable and simple off-roading, the Suzuki Jimny is a great pick. Suzuki initially produced this wildly popular vehicle in 1970. It all started with a straightforward philosophy: Suzuki intended to “build a harsh vehicle that can take on the stuff”, “going places that vehicles could not go in the past”.

The Japanese automaker bought the rights to produce the Hopestar ON360, a small 4X4. Hopestar needed Suzuki’s experience to start manufacturing their little off-roader to sell it for less money and appeal to a larger market. As the saying goes, the rest is history, as the Suzuki Jimny is in its fourth generation.

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