GearJunkie’s Favorite Holiday Gifts Under $50

The holidays can be stressful. Family, travel, and money can all play a role in that stress. But when it comes to gifts, we want to make shopping smooth and simple.

Whether you are looking for stocking stuffers or the perfect gift for that special someone in your life, check out our guide to the best outdoor gifts for under $50.

We have rounded up some of our favorite items that won’t break the bank. Find clothing, footwear, camping accessories, and more in this gift guide.

The North Face Gordon Etip Gloves

Keep your hands warm without sacrificing phone use with the powder-coated thumb and index fingers on these gloves ($40). The shell is made out of recycled poly-fleece, with a pig-leather palm and reinforced knuckles to boost durability.

The North Face is renowned for creating solid cold-weather gear, and the brand designed these gloves as an option for your daily adventures and activities.

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Blackfire Rechargeable Magnetic Wearable Bluetooth Speaker

Blackfire Magnetic bluetooth speaker

Maybe the best Bluetooth speaker I’ve tried, and definitely a little-known gem in the outdoor tech space. Blackfire ($45) is an outdoor gear arm of the century-old tool brand, Klein Tools. So, it has the resources and tech to make high-quality goods.

And that shines through in this versatile, rugged, rechargeable speaker. The Magnetic Wearable Bluetooth Speaker has magnets to adhere to your car, work shelf, or most other metal surfaces. And the clippable strap is great for attaching to a backpack strap when you’re on the go!

It offers 10 hours of battery life and has a 32-foot range — all this for under $50.

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Path Projects Graves PX Running Shorts

path projects graves px running shorts

These are quite simply the best running shorts out there. And I understand, what could be so great about shorts? I — and a number of GearJunkie’s editors — might have agreed with you, but Path set us straight.

The Graves PX running shorts ($49) are beautifully designed and extremely well thought out. All of the 3.5 pockets are zipped to keep your carry items safe while you run. Add to that the side zippers all zip down to close — because gravity — and you have worry-free running shorts.

The rear waist pocket is the perfect size for modern smartphones, while the two side pockets can fit a wallet, sunglasses sack, keys, headphone case, and other common items. Finally, the 7-inch version offers a small half-pocket along the thigh for anything extra.

Breathable, moisture-wicking, quick-drying material rounds out this perfect pair of short. It’s a must-have for runners!

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Leatherman Rev

Leatherman Rev

Maybe the easiest way to get into the Leatherman life, the $50 Rev gives users a solid multitool, without too many frills, but plenty of function.

Sure, there are fancier Leatherman tools out there, and I’d gladly recommend a few. But for the price point, the Rev is tough to beat. It carries the same 25-year warranty as all Leatherman tools, has 13 different implements, and weighs under 6 ounces.

I’d recommend it for a young ‘un’s first tool or as an approachable Leatherman for the budding DIYer.

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Arcade Belts Vista Adventure Belt

A typical rigid belt isn’t always the best option when you’re out cycling, climbing, camping, and more. That’s where the Vista Stretch Belt ($31) comes in. It is designed with a stretchy, low-profile fit in order to offer support without bulk or pinching.

The plastic buckle makes it ideal for quickly getting through airport security and is machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about built-up dirt and sweat. It is made with recycled yarn, making it a sustainable option to add to your wardrobe.

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LifeStraw Peak Series Squeeze Bottle

LifeStraw Peak Series squeeze bottle

Water filtration is a necessary kit for the budding and experienced outdoors person alike, and the technology keeps getting better. LifeStraw’s Peak Series ($38) offers up its best flow rate yet, and the 33.8-ounce squeeze bottle provides a simple, super-portable option — all for under $40.

Remove the filter and use the squeeze bottle water storage. Or use the filter as a straw to drink directly from the source, or to filter with a Peak gravity system.

LifeStraw’s Peak series filter removes 99.999999% of all bacteria, 99.999% of all parasites, and 99.999% of microplastics.

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Cliffset Starter Pack

cliffset portable cutlery

Conventional wisdom held that a single multi-purpose plastic spork was the ideal camp utensil. Cliffset ($45) rethought that notion and decides the camping public could use something better.

Cliffset is a simple, portable set of cutlery — spoon, fork, and knife — that comes in its own carrying case and includes natural cleaning solution. Spritz your used implement and use the built-in cleaning tool to scrape the spoon, wipe the knife, and floss the tongs in the fork. It’s brilliant in its simple design and once you’ve used it, you’ll never go back to the spork.

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Hinovo Magnetic Wireless Charger (5,000 & 10,000 mAH)

Hinovo Magnovo phone charger

One of the pleasant surprises from this year’s product testing was Hinovo, which makes two sizes of its cordless magnetic phone charger. It’s great for iPhones and MagSafe cases.

Available in 5,000 ($40) 10,000 mAH ($50) capacities, these power banks give you one less charging cord to lose and one less outlet to have with you on camp trips or day hikes.

Get a full charge (and then some) from these power banks, or use them at home and do away with lightning cables. The Hinovo power banks offer pass-through power, so leave them plugged in and just lay your phone on them for charging around the house.

I’ve used them and made them a must-bring for day hikes or overnight camping trips.

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Stormy Kromer Cap

stormy cromer cap

The Stormy Kromer ($48) is as classic as it is useful. A wool blend on the outside faces off against the elements, providing warmth and breathability.

Inside the cap is cozy cotton. Leave the ear flaps up for that Elmer Fudd look, or fold ’em down when the wind and sleet really start to whip. This is the gift for anyone who understands feeling good is looking good

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YETI Rambler Mug With Lid

yeti rambler mug

Having a double-walled insulated mug with a lid will eliminate the rush to drink your coffee or tea in the morning before it cools. This YETI mug ($25-30) would be great for camping or taking your drink on the go, or for that morning mug while you sit down and get to work. It’s dishwasher-safe and made with stainless steel, so there should be no worries about rust.

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LuminAID Lantern

LuminAID Inflatable Solar Lantern

I love these silly lights ($30). They are infinitely packable, plenty bright, clever, and both solar and micro-USB chargeable. They come in warm, bright white, and multi-color.

Get one and abide by the “Under $50” rule for this gift guide. But, fudge the rules a bit, and grab a pair.

Hang them from a branch or inside your tent. And if nature calls, put it on low and use it as a carry lantern. Plus, they’re waterproof and they float!

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Osprey Daylite Sling

Osprey Daylite Sling

A new slant on the daypack, Osprey’s Daylite Sling ($45) aims to improve accessibility and comfort on the trail. This ambidextrous 6L pack offers just enough room for essentials — phone, packable shell, sunscreen, water, and snacks — but isn’t overwhelmed by pockets or unnecessary features.

The main compartment can be accessed from either side with a large, dual-zippered main pocket — just slide it around from back to hip. A smaller accessory pocket offers further internal organization, and the stretch mesh harness in front will carry whatever is left over.

And like other packs in the Daylite line, the Sling is made with recycled, Bluesign-approved materials.

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Aeropress Go Travel Coffee Press


Get everything you need to make snooty, coffee-house quality coffee (except for the beans) on the go or in the backcountry with this Aeropress coffee set ($32). Aeropress coffee is deceptively simple, produces exceptional flavor, and it’s fun to do!

The mini coffee press can make a cup of hot coffee in just one minute. It comes with 350 paper microfilters, and everything packs into the included cup for easy portability.

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