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There are many things Louisiana is known for: being the birthplace of jazz, the home of the most delicious southern cuisine, and one of the most haunted states in the country are just a few things that come to mind about the Bayou State – aside, Of course, of the bayous themselves! The wetland scenery of Louisiana is a uniquely breathtaking, dramatic affair, made up of mossy swamps, hanging leaves, shallow wetlands, winding rivers, and hanging trees. The Maurepas Swamp is one of the largest and most sensational of Louisiana’s swampy ecosystems; where rolling down the bayou on paddling and river tours is a popular way to get to know the Louisiana landscape; but a new way to tour nature might prove an even more thrilling experience: ziplining atop the trees and watching the swamps from high adobe can be a thrilling way for adventurers to immerse themselves in the wild nature of Louisiana!


Ziplining Above The Exquisite Scenery Of The Maurepas Swamp

Ziplining can be an electrifying way to enjoy nature: standing above the landscape, swinging from the trees, and watching the landscape from a birds-eye view. Zip NOLA is a New Orleans adventure attraction whose objective is to join in the thrill of ziplining with the fascinating experiences of Louisiana swamp tours.

Located in historical Frenier, their ziplining course is nestled amidst (and above!) the Maurepas Swamp and Lake Pontchartrain in a half-mile-long course that starts 60 feet above the swampy ground. Five zip lines are set up in a loop, connecting the highlights of the ride: visitors will zip from the take-off Tower, past tall trees and into the Deer Stand, fly above the whitetail deer fields in Whitetail Run, traipse suspension bridges in and the cypress tree staircases in the Causeway platform before setting off into the Voodoo Express path, zipping across and above the waters at the Cold Blooded Canal and watching the Gator Pit rushing below, before returning to the ending Deck at the Swamp Deck.

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From high above, visitors will immerse themselves in the cypress forest of the Maurepas Swamp and zip over the winding waterways. Look up and take in the beautiful skyline of the Louisiana forests and old Frenier, look around to see the cypress forest up close, and look down to observe the wild animals in their natural habitat: alligator, swamp snakes, wild boar, raccoons, armadillos , turtles, whitetail deer, wild boars are roaming around below the attractions.

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The Maurepas Swamp In Ghostly, Historic Louisiana Town Frenier

The location of Zip Nola is in the town of Frenier, Louisiana, on the shores of Lake Ponchartrain and the banks of the Maurepas Swamp. Growing beside the banks of the lake, Frenier is a quaint town with a long, ghostly history. Frenier is 28 miles off of New Orleans and grew in the 1800s century exporting cypress timber and cabbage to the French Market in the Big Easy.

But cabbages and timber aren’t what makes Frenier known around the state – that’s the misty swamps, cypress forests… and its Voodoo history. One of, if not the most well-known figure of the town, was Julia Brown, a Voodoo priestess, and healer of the Frenier community. Folks knew of Julia Brown and came from all over the state to be treated by her. However, as the story is told, Julia Brown’s relationship with the people of Frenier grew strained, and after her husband’s death, she became something of a hermit, spending most of her time in her cabin by the Maurepas Swamp – often in her rocking chair , singing eerie hymns. Why were the hymns eerie? Well… “As I die, so goes the town of Frenier. When I die, I’ll take the whole town with me,” were some of the lyrics, according to citizens.

Such lyrics created some friction with other residents, but on the day of her death, September 29 in, 1915, people from the whole region showed up at her funeral; and during the said funeral, the New Orleans Hurricane of 1915, a category four hurricane, made landfall and devastated southern Louisiana. The hurricane killed hundreds of people across the state, dozens in the region of Frenier and nearby towns.

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Julia Brown is still buried outside the town to this day, on swamp land a few ways away from the other citizens. Some legend claims Julia haunts the Manchac Bayou where she’s buried – and that sometimes her voice can be heard, still singing hymns.

Whether the swamps are haunted or not is still a point of discussion, but as Julia Brown took care of the people of Frenier during her life, the swamp lands around Frenier are being taken care of, revitalized, and visited today.

Enjoying the Maurepas Swamp’s wildlife and being immersed in both nature and history are a few of the thrills ziplining tours in Zip Nola have to offer.

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