Planning a Winter Trek? Here’s a Checklist of All Essentials You Must Pack

Backpacking for a long trip, such as trekking, could be pretty overwhelming. Even after checking everything on the list, there are always a few items missing that we need on our trek. On a usual trip, you can still manage without a few things or purchase them from a nearby market, but on trekking, when there is nothing but snow all around, you are left helpless. This is why you need to be extra prepared for trekking. And if you are confused about what to pack for trekking, we have curated a list of essentials that you should add to your checklist.

Before moving forward, one thing you need to keep in mind is while trekking, you should pack only essential items and not for the ‘if’ situation. Because if you do so, your backpack will become bulky and start weighing a ton.

Add these essential items to your checklist:

Trekking shoes

During winter trekking, you cannot walk wearing regular trek shoes; you need snow trek shoes. Such shoes have a more robust sole that helps in better grip, are waterproof and have extra padding. These shoes will protect your feet and keep them warm.


In winter trekking, temperature varies between day and night and predicting the snowfall intensity is impossible. That’s why you need to be prepared for everything. Carry layers that can easily be adjusted according to the climate. Add thermal tops, thermal tights, waterproof winter hiking pants, soft shell jackets, woollen caps, long woollen hiking socks, sun caps, waterproof gloves, scarf, shirts, and mid-weight fleece sweaters.

Health and Safety kit

Never forget to carry a first-aid kit with you on trekking. Including trail maps, hand sanitiser, sunscreen, toiletries, and insect repellent in your list. Also, bring water purification tablets, as they can be pretty helpful to you.

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Carrying headlamps are very convenient as they are hands-free and work as one of the essential accessories while trekking during the night. These are readily available at trekking agencies from where you can rent them. Carrying a torch also works the same. But whatever you pick, you must take at least one.

Walking pole

Walking poles or sticks are essential for trekking as they help you quickly step on the snow. Although the trek organisers provide them, carry one with you in case they don’t.


Water bottle or Thermos

Never forget to carry your own water bottle or thermos if you want to be sustainable in harsh conditions. You can carry both of these and hot water in a thermos and regular water bottles. You must have a water bottle of at least 2 litres and a thermos as you prefer.

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