The 2023 Ford Everest Is A Ranger-Based SUV Not On Sale In The US

A refresh for the Ranger has been long overdue: in the overseas market, Ford has been selling the Ranger for 11 years without making any serious upgrade.

But for 2022, Ford took the covers off the new 2022 Ford Ranger – however, not many are aware of the Ranger having an SUV sibling.

A Ranger-based SUV dubbed Everest is available, and is quite popular around other parts of the globe, such as in Asia, the Middle East, and Australia and the Pacific; sadly, though, you can’t buy one in North America.

Let’s get to know this competent 4×4 in detail, and more specifically, what’s new in the 2023 Ford Everest to see what we’re missing in the US.

You can tell by the looks that the SUV is fairly similar to the 2022 Ford Ranger available in the United States.

The Blue Oval’s design department has taken cues from the latest Ford Ranger, Ford Maverick and Ford F-150 to give the 2023 Everest a refreshing new look – other changes ostensibly include a completely revamped interior and more standard features that should make it rank a step above its adversaries.

The 2023 Ford Everest is genuinely a serious contender in the utilitarian space, considering how modern and sophisticated it feels both on the inside and out – we take a closer look at this mid-sized SUV.

UPDATED NOVEMBER 2022: Now the Everest is on sale or at least available to order in countries and territories outside the US, we have a little more information on pricing. We also update the details in the following article and check out the car’s current status for the US.

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Let’s Talk About The 2023 Ford Everest’s Exterior Design

2023 Ford Everest, side
Via: Ford

Much of what we knew of the Ford Everest before got based on prototypes. The design, especially the front-end, is reminiscent of the Ford Ranger of course, and the Ford Maverick pickup, which is already a stylish and contemporary utilitarian. Borrowed elements include the C-shaped headlights and a redesigned front grille among other things. The grille now houses a camera (part of the 360-degree system).

The design also incorporates a radar system for available driver assistance features and dynamic cruise control. Also, you’ll find two hooks, although it remains to get seen whether they are standard items. The new Everest also gets a 50-millimeter increase in its wheelbase, allowing for better approach angles, crucial when you’re traversing off the beaten path.

2023 Ford Everest, rear
Via: Ford

There are functional heat extractors on the front fenders and a plastic insert with the engine designation stamped on it. Other noticeable changes get redesigned mirrors with LED turn signals and a new set of running boards for easy ingress. Moving to the rear, the tailgate is new and happens to get more sculptured than before. A new pair of rear lights complete the look, which is plenty stylish and cohesive.

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2023 Ford Everest’s Interior Has Modern Tech

Gone is the Everest’s old and dated interior. The 2023 model gets a bunch of new features including a fancy portrait-oriented touchscreen. The screen measures 12-inch in its top spec (a 10-inch screen is standard) running the SYNC 4 infotainment software. An 8″ or 12.3″ digital instrument cluster finds its way into the new 2023 Ford Everest, the size depending on the trim level. The rest of the interior gets made more appealing thanks to better quality plastics and soft-touch materials.

2023 Ford Everest, front
Via: Ford

The new Everest supports over-the-air updates and connected car tech allowing owners to remotely control some of the truck’s various features. In terms of tech, the new Everest comes with matrix-LED headlights and radar-assisted cruise control with all the latest safety gear on board. Customers will get to pick from two four-wheel-drive setups, either an electronic shift-on-the-fly system or the more sophisticated full-time 4×4 system.

Powertrain Options Are Quite Unique In The 2023 Ford Everest

2023 Ford Everest river, front
Via: Ford

International models get a host of engine options: a 3.0-liter V6 diesel and a pair of smaller 2.0-liter four-cylinder diesels with single and twin-turbo setups. Power figures are around 168-207 horsepower for the base 2-liter diesel configuration, while the V6 gets 246 horses with oodles of torque: 443 lb-ft to be specific.

For certain markets, there is the availability of the 2.3-liter Ecoboost turbocharged 4-cylinder present in many vehicles from the Ford Mustang to a plethora of crossovers and SUVs, but output power is not readily-available.

That engine does make up to 310 hp / 350 lb-ft in the Ford Mustang, so customers can expect decent performance although the size and weight of the Everest may blunt acceleration slightly.

Based on the engine configuration, there will be a six-speed manual or the latest 10-speed auto.

The Future Of The Ford Everest Worldwide

Ford Everest, side
Via: Ford

Currently, the 2023 Ford Everest is on Ford’s various international websites with the ability to build and customize your new SUV, while adding accessories.

Most countries do not seem to offer the Ecoboost engine and so diesel is the overarching theme here – if it was for sale in the States, for sure there would be an Ecoboost turbocharged gas engine on offer.

As late as October this year Ford Thailand gave us a new press release regarding the safety and performance of the Everest’s LED matrix headlamps, which offer a ‘glare-free beam’.

Ford of Australia’s suggested retail prices from May 2022 for the 2023 Ford Everest are $34,000AUD (Australian dollar) for the entry-level Ambiente model to around $50,000AUD for the Platinum model.

Source: Ford