All Fishing Points In Land of Lower Setekh

Since its introduction in Genshin Impact, fishing has always been a great pass time for those tired of the adventuring lifestyle and quests, giving many some much-needed relaxation. Since the release of Genshin Impact Version 3.1 and the new desert area in Sumeru, the Great Red Sands, some new fishing spots have appeared in the few oases available in the dry region. These new spots are the perfect opportunity to expand on each player’s current collection of Sumeru-based fish.


Genshin Impact’s Land of the Lower Setekh is the first area of ​​the Great Red Sands that players should reach on their adventures in the new zone, connecting the new desert area directly with the rest of the Sumeru region. To reach the main town, Aaru Village, as well as the oases that the desert has to offer, players should be able t follow an easy path starting from Caravan Ribat leading straight to the Statue of Seven for Lower Setekh. Other than this, very little travel should be required, making these easy fishing spots to access.

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Although Genshin Impact’s The newest region offers no new fish individually, it still provides a wide variety of Sumeru fish from the previous Fishing Spots, as well as fish that can be found throughout multiple regions in Teyvat. This includes the True Fruit Angler, Sandstorm Angler, Lazurite Ax Marlin, and Halcyon Jade Ax Marlin – all of which are new to the Sumeru region. The bait to catch each of these fish is the Sugerdew Bait which can be obtained from Sumeru Fishing Association. If this bait isn’t used, none of the new Sumeru Fish will be able to be caught.

Genshin Impact: Land of the Lower Setekh Fishing Locations

The first fishing spot in Genshin Impact’s Land of the Lower Setekh is right in Aaru Village. Players looking to get some fishing done here can travel to the village’s Teleporter Waypoint, heading straight forward and gliding down to the base of the city, looking out for docks that are on the outskirts of a small body of water. Hopefully, these new spots can add excitement to Genshin Impact’s current Fishing System, though for now, in this Fishing Spot, players can expect to catch Crystalfish, Medaka, Sandstorm Angler, Halcyon Jade Ax Marlin, and Sunset Cloud Angler.

The second – and last – fishing spot of the Land of the Lower Setekh in Genshin Impact’s newest desert region is just south of Aaru Village in another small body of water. To reach this fishing spot, players should travel to the Waypoint south of Dar al-Shifa and glide down west to the small oasis below. Players may have to face a few Fungus monsters, though besides that this spot is relatively painless to reach. This Fishing Spot can provide players with, Akai Maou, Medaka, True Fruit Angler, Lazurite Ax Marlin, and Dawnatcher to add to their Genshin Impact fishing collections.

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