Biden Administration Wants Airlines to Disclose All Fees (Before You Buy)

Pete Buttigieg is just not messing around.

The former presidential candidate and mayor Secretary turned of Transportation is well aware that, at the moment, the state of air travel is suboptimal for the consumer. Flight delays and outright cancellations have become more common, as has lost luggage and other headaches.

In response, Buttigieg has placed a number of ultimatums on the airline industry, and has also announced a number of proposals that the industry surely will not love.

Onlookers have theorized that this might be a way for Buttigieg to keep his name in the headlines, in case President Biden declines to run for re-election. (Though Biden has repeatedly stated he intends to run for another term.) And it certainly doesn’t hurt Buttigieg’s Q ratings that he is addressing a national pain point by taking on an industry that many people are frustrated with.