Gotham Knights: How To Unlock Colorways

While making their way through Gotham Knights, players can get iconic suits and equipment. The playable characters are famous DC heroes and Batman’s sidekicks, Batgirl, Red Hood, Robin, and Nightwing. Because combat is the main gameplay, all characters have recognizable Gear that players can unlock or craft. Gear includes everything from suits to weapons. There are various paths for getting pieces of Gear, but most can only be obtained from defeated enemies or by missions. Gear can either be dropped as the whole item or as materials that must be manually crafted into ranged weapons, melee weapons, or suits.


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Suits have three main traits: Power Level, Suit Style, and Colorways. Power Level depends on the materials used, but the other two are mainly purely stylistic. There are 56 suits spread evenly among the 4, and Colorways are a way to customize these them. However, suits aren’t the only thing in Gotham Knights that uses Colorways, and the Batcycle also has quite a few to unlock.

Colorways are the color scheme an item has. All Colorways consist of up to four colors to create a new aesthetic for players to play around. Unfortunately, like materials and suits, there is only little information on how to unlock all of them. The in-game description says to “Finish Case Files and complete Challenges” to unlock new Colorways. Essentially, this translates as the best way to get all of them is to play through the game.

Suit Colorways

Of course, a few suit Colorways are gifted to players for purchasing the Deluxe Editions and Visionary Packs. However, players can get the rest after beating specific missions, hitting story milestones, and crafting Suit Styles. Lots of the crafting Challenges result in unlocking a new Colorway, so players should make sure they are regularly checking their materials and Challenges for suits. Crafting materials can be picked up from defeated enemies, found in Batman’s Caches, or awarded after secret story missions.

Additionally, every hero’s true identity mission will unlock their Tribute Colorways. Suit Colorways, once unlocked, can be applied anywhere and anytime from the Batcomputer menu under Gear. After choosing a Suit Style, the option to change the Colorway appears. Colorways and Suit Styles do not affect suits’ stats at all, so players can enjoy the customization without sacrificing aesthetics for usability.

Batcycle Colorways

The Batcycle Colorways are unlocked by time trials and traversal trials, which are available after starting each character’s Knighthood Challenges. Knighthood Challenges can be viewed in the Batcomputer menu and are meant to help the heroes eventually train to take Batman’s place as Gotham’s protector.

Knighthood is unavailable unless the first Challenge is finished. Time and Traversal trials consist of routes and obstacle courses that players must work their way through before time runs out using the Batcycle or Heroic travel (AKA Gliding) methods. Heroic Travel is one of the first, and arguably most helpful, abilities that unlock from Knighthood. After some trials, players can access the Batcycle’s Colorways from the Belfry after interacting with the bike.

Gotham Knights is available for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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