31 Fun Things To Do As A Couple When You’re Bored | Dr. David McFadden

Do you and your significant other get bored in your relationship?

If so, you need to face it and make a decision to do something to change it.

There are so many things you can do as a couple to alleviate your boredom and get closer together. You simply have to decide to change things up a little and not let your time get boring.

Even small tweaks can make major changes in the vitality and life experienced in your marriage so boredom is never a bad thing.

The idea of ​​leaving your home when you’re bored might not sound creative, but at that moment, it may be an ingenious way of breaking out of your doldrums.

This simple act of changing or breaking out of the normal routines may open up many new opportunities for feeling alive again with your partner.

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Here’s a list we compiled of things to do to help keep your relationship from going stale.

31 Things to do as a couple

1. Take a long walk or hike together.

This walk could be in your neighborhood or on a walking path or trail. You might actually want to take a hike on a trail that is more challenging than walking on a path or paved trail.