The LDV eT60 with bigger battery and better towing capacity is two years away


  • Next-generation T60 due in two years; currently in development
  • Electric version will be primary focus and will add 4X4 capability, bigger battery and lower price
  • LDV’s Australian arm has had input into the new model’s development

Australia’s first ever electric dual-cab may have only just arrived but LDV has revealed It’s already working on a replacement with a bigger battery and higher towing capacity.

The second-generation eT60 dual-cab will arrive in “two or three years” according to the LDV’s Australian boss Dinesh Chinnappa and it will usher in a host of Improvements including a new platform, fresh battery tech and longer driving range.

T60 MAX Luxe Maple Leaf Orange Exterior 17


The LDV T60 Max has just been updated for MY23. Luxe model grade pictured.

Chinnappa confirmed the new ute is currently being developed when Wheels asked about the possibility of the current eT60 adopting 4X4 capability as part of a future update. The current eT60 is 4X2 only and is powered by a single electric motor on the rear axle that’s fed by an 88.5kWh battery pack.

“Not in this T60 version, but most definitely in the next generation version – which is already being worked on,” revealed Chinnappa.

When asked how far away the all-new, second generation eT60 was, Chinappa added: “Two or three years. It’s a completely new generation.”

The news also means an all-new version of the increasingly popular T60 Max should arrive around the same time.

ET60 Jewel Blue Exterior 3


The LDV eT60 (pictured) is Australia’s first electric ute and features a 130kW/310Nm e-motor on the rear axle.

It’s unclear what kid of battery and e-motor tech the new eT60 will feature, but Chinnappa did confirm it will deliver a step-change improvement over the brand’s existing electric ute.

“It’ll have the benefit of newer battery technology, greater range, lighter weight, cheaper manufacturing process…the technology curve is exponential,” said Chinnappa.

The current eT60 produces 130kW/310Nm and has a claimed WLTP driving range of 330 kilometers. Two key shortcomings are a reduced braked tow rating of 1000 kilograms, which is well down on the 3000kg tow rating of a diesel T60, and the fact that it’s 4X2 only – meaning it isn’t really suitable for buyers looking to drive off-road .

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Also yet to be confirmed is whether the second-generation eT60 will be built on a dedicated electric platform, which will allow for a host of additional packaging benefits like storage and a flat floor in the cabin.

Given the infancy of electric dual-cabs globally, however, it’s likely the next-gen eT60 will share its underpinnings with internal combustion-powered (ICE) models.

“I don’t know yet,” admitted Chinnappa when asked about the next eT60’s platform. In our environment it may be a blending of both [electric and combustion models] because let’s face it, Australia is huge and you’re probably not going to be able to go from here to Perth [in an EV].

“So we may remain for some time where we have to have an ICE version because the owner and operator wants to do certain things an EV just can’t do it.”

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LDV is at the forefront of commercial electric vehicles in Australia and is currently the only brand to offer an electric dual-cab. Alongside the eT60, LDV has also launched the eDeliver 9 electric van and an electric people-mover, dubbed the Mifa 9.

All three models have raised eyebrows with high pricing, though LDV is targeting blue-chip fleet companies and governments looking to hit strict emissions targets rather than private buyers.