Very Vocal Rescue Cat Earns Mariah Carey Comparisons: ‘She’s a Singer’

A very chatty cat is a captivating pet lover online thanks to her unique vocal style.

Mia the rescue cat is enjoying her 15 minutes of fame after staff at Edgar and Ivy’s Cat Sanctuary in Corpus Christi, Texas, shared a clip to TikTok of the confident feline meowing her heart out.

In the video, Mia is described as a “very vocal” cat, but if the footage is anything to go by, that may be something of an understatement.

Watch the video here.

In any case, the tuxedo cat’s meowing has proven popular online with the video amassing over 5.2 million views and earning Mia comparisons with a singer closely associated with the holiday season.

A cat’s meow can have any number of meanings. However, on a basic level, meows can often stem from a desire to be nurtured by their owner.

CA Tony Buffington, a professor of veterinary medicine at The Ohio State University, likens the meow of a cat to the cry of a baby in that both are “completely dependent on us for their survival.”

He told Scientific American: “Any time an animal is in that situation, they are going to be scrutinizing their caregivers for any response to any signal they are sending out. Whatever works, they’re going to do it—whether that’s changing a purr , or doing figure eights between their owner’s feet.”

In that context, Mia’s loud meows may come from a desire for food or simply to be cuddled. Whatever the case, she’s not afraid of letting her carers know with her outspoken stance winning her lots of fans among those watching on social media.

Commenting on the clip, one TikToker posting under the handle Heather Dinely wrote: “Should have named her Mariah.” That sentiment was echoed by magnificentlycursed who said: “Oh she’s a singer. A STAR.”

Elsewhere, luchuab commented: “America’s CAT TALENT” with littlebrowndoormouse adding: “Talkative cats are the best.”

Alyaguzman, meanwhile, wrote: “she’s had a DAY and you are going to hear every word about it,” while Bluefeather Willow said: “I hear ya Mia, I am not a morning person either.”

Others noted that they also owned tuxedo cats who loved nothing more than a good chat. “My tuxedo cat is also VERY loud and talkative haha,” haleighmoyer commented, with Ripley and Lily concurring: “My tuxedo cat is also talkative.”

While Mia’s Mariah-like meows may be her attempt at getting some attention, the good news is that this particular feline is most likely getting exactly that as of now.

According to an update posted under the clip by Edgar and Ivy’s Cat Sanctuary, while there were multiple offers to take in Mia in the wake of her viral video stardom, she has now been placed in a new forever home where she’s probably singing her heart out. right now.

Newsweek has contacted Edgar and Ivy’s Cat Sanctuary for comment.

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A cat screaming and Mariah Carey singing.
Stock image of a cat meowing/Mariah Carey performing at the 2022 Global Citizen Festival in New York City – a rescue cat’s impressive vocal ability has left pet lovers in stitches.