An aggressive squirrel keeps the writer’s son on his toes but can’t prevent his success

I have two major fears when Nov. 15 is approaching: being too sick or injured to go deer hunting, or having jury duty during the season. I had to serve on a jury for the first time a couple of years ago, but it was fortunately during January, which didn’t crimp my outdoor lifestyle any. I enjoyed doing my duty and was very impressed with the whole legal process.

As far as being sick or injured, there was the time I had major leg surgery and was on crutches for an entire deer season. I even helped my youngest son, Joe, track down the first buck he had shot, and it is amazing how well you can maneuver around in the brush on a pair of crutches. I did, however, wear out two sets of crutch tips!

This year’s firearm deer season turned out to be an eye-opener for me when I came down with a bug of some sort just a couple days before everything was going to start up. A home COVID test proved negative, but I had a lot of congestion and coughing.

As is usually the case, I had spent a sleepless night anticipating opening morning, and I was in a ground blind an hour before daybreak. I thought I had a handle on the coughing, but the night sky was just starting to lighten up when the brisk morning air got the better of me. Nothing is louder than a cough that you try to muffle in your arm.