Best black kitten heel sandals

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Which black kitten heel sandal is best?

Are you looking for a pair of classy, ​​sophisticated black kitten heel sandals to go with a new dress? As the weather gets warmer, sandals provide a great opportunity to mix up your footwear and show off that new pedicure. If you’re looking for quality and comfort all in one, check out the Steve Madden Kitten Heel Sandal for a fashionable kitten heel you can wear anywhere.

What to know before you buy black kitten heel sandals

From loafers to stilettos, there are over 20 types of heels out there. So, what makes the kitten heel different? Kitten heels are perfect for those occasions when you want a noticeable heel but not too much height. As for deciding which kitten heel sandal is right for you, think about sandals you already have and decide what style elements you prefer.

Heel and toe

A kitten heel is categorized as being a small, thin heel that measures a little over an inch in height. It usually does not stand higher than 2.5 inches and can be wrapped in leather/fabric or presented bare, exposing the heel material (usually plastic or metal). The toe comes in one of three shapes: square, almond (rounded) or pointed.

Sandal style

A kitten heel sandal is a somewhat formal, somewhat fun shoe and something you’d wear out to dinner or a movie. The amount of coverage the sandal affords your foot, however, can vary greatly. There are open-toe sandals and sandals with extra straps that wrap up the ankle. In addition to design, consider stylistic elements of the sandal’s construction. Do you want leather? Wood? Sequins? Lace? Each fabric or material brings something different to the table.

Front straps, back straps and slip-ons

You might not think about how a sandal closes while you’re looking at it online but you will definitely notice once you start wearing it regularly. All sandals have straps but some feature buckled strap closures in the front. Others have them in the front. Straps provide a more customized fit, but they can be difficult to put on, so you have to decide on the easiest method for your habits and mobility. If you struggle with small holes and buckles, consider looking for a slip-on sandal that does not require you to open or close the straps when you put the shoe on.

What to look for in quality black kitten heel sandals

The black kitten heel sandal is sophisticated and versatile. The quality of the sandal should match this aesthetic with a well-made heel, comfortable footbed and a properly stitched exterior. If the shoe is wrapped in leather or fabric, then those materials should not begin to fray or rip with light use.

Sturdy heel

A sturdy heel doesn’t break, but it also doesn’t become warped on the bottom. A kitten heel is quite thin and gets a lot of rough use. A quality kitten heel can handle this use, however, as it is designed for durability. If the heel is wrapped, then it must be well wrapped. The wrapping should not begin to fray and wear away as you would wear the sandal.

Arch support

Beauty doesn’t have to mean pain. These days, you want a good pair of heels that are just as comfortable as they are stylish. A good sandal is designed with arch support that won’t leave your feet aching after a long day.

Great materials

Whatever materials your sandal is made from, they should hold up well and look great day in and day out. It doesn’t matter if the shoe is leather or fabric; it should be well-stitched with strong, straight seams.

How much you can expect to spend on black kitten heel sandals

A pair of black kitten heel sandals usually runs from $30-$200 with the sweet spot landing around $40-$100. Some designer kitten heel sandals, however, can cost over $500.

Black kitten heel sandals FAQ

What makes a shoe a sandal?

A. A sandal is defined by the straps. Sandals have straps around the sole of the foot and/or around the front. When the straps are securely fastened, portions of the foot remain visible.

What is a sculpted heel?

A. A sculpted heel uses asymmetrical shapes to create a unique silhouette, and it comes in any height.

What are the best black kitten heel sandals to buy?

Top black kitten heel sandal

Steve Madden Kitten Heel Sandal

Steve Madden Kitten Heel Sandal

What you need to know: This black leather sandal has a thick strap across the top, a square toe design, and a 1.5-inch kitten heel.

What you’ll love: It can be dressed up or dressed down with a timeless look and a quality leather sole. It’s soft, comfortable and available in half sizes. The sandal slips right on so you don’t have to bother with time-consuming buckles.

What you should consider: It runs a little small.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top black kitten heel sandals for the money

Nine West Indra Low Heel Sandal

Nine West Indra Low Heel Sandal

What you need to know: This glossy black sandal features a faux patent leather and satin exterior with a slip-on closure, square toe and 2-inch sculpted kitten heel.

What you’ll love: The sandal is classic and elegant with a sculpted heel that gives it extra depth and character. It’s comfortable, comes in half sizes, and works well in both casual and professional settings.

What you should consider: It comes in a glossy black but not a matte black.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Macy’s

Worth checking out

Nina Neptune Evening Sandal

Nina Neptune Evening Sandal

What you need to know: This black sandal has plenty of crisscross straps, a leather sole, almond-shaped toe, and a 2.5-inch kitten heel.

What you’ll love: The strap in the back has a buckle to ensure a secure fit. It comes in half sizes and wide sizes. It is elegant and doesn’t feel wobbly like some other strappy sandals.

What you should consider: It runs a little narrow.

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s

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