Exploring Santa Monica Pier Makes For A Perfect Day In LA

Los Angeles is one of the best destinations to visit in California. The conurbation of Los Angeles would seem to disappear as visitors reach Santa Monica since it is bound on one flank by hills and the other by the seashore. The seaside hamlet embodies the idyllic Southern California poster image and has a distinct appeal. But if visitors can only do one thing during their day here, it should be to explore the pier. The Santa Monica Pier is among the most famous photo destinations worldwide and represents the soul of Santa Monica. It serves as a metaphor for all the fun to experience near the shore in Los Angeles. Let’s check out why it is a fantastic place for everyone to explore.


What to discover in santa monica

Santa Monica Yacht Harbour

There are several sections to the pier. The Santa Monica Yacht Harbor’s white and blue archway, in front of the fuchsia Del Frisco’s Grille complex, marks the junction of Colorado Avenue and Ocean Avenue. Actually, the archway is just a historical relic from the 1940s when it was a well-known boat dock worldwide. Charlie Chaplin became the first to acquire the place for his vessel. Many people halt at this location to snap a photo.

Additionally, a slope connects the shore to the pier’s start.

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The Pacific Park

A unique adventure park on the Western Coast, to be situated on a pier, is Pacific Park which has a view of the Pacific Ocean. The Ferris Wheel, the quintessential Santa Monica symbol, is its most emblematic feature. The best spot for families to enjoy is Pacific Park. The park boasts 12 exhilarating rides, such as the Western Coaster and the world’s premier solar-charged Ferris wheel, the Pacific Wheel. All the coasters, games, and amusement one would anticipate when visiting one of Southern California’s top entertainment venues enjoyed by millions of tourists annually.

The Playland Arcade

The vintage Arcade will satisfy people’s longing and put all of their talents to the assessment for children and kids in spirit. Since 1954, the same family has operated an arcade at SMP. More than 200 games and activities, both traditional and modern, are available in the Playland Arcade. The Arcade offers a variety of modern video games, several of which assist players in winning prizes, along with retro favorites like skeeball, pinball machines, and air hockey. People must go to this location to have a good time and indulge in nostalgia.

Heal the Bay Aquarium

California has a large aquarium, and it is this one. Heal the Bay’s public maritime education center is a hands-on adventure right below the iconic Carousel building and is considered Pier’s hidden gem. The aquarium has over 100 species on display, a few can be stroked, and all are native to the shore just outside the entrance and reside there. Moray eels, seahorses, stingrays, jellyfish, and sharks are only a few various marine life creatures that tourists can see. Children below 12 are admitted free, and residents of California receive a $2 concession.

Santa Monica Merry-Go-Round

For more than a century, tourists looking for family-friendly leisure have continued to frequent this Santa Monica Pier Carousel. Visitors savor the chance to experience one of the last remaining authentic merry-go-rounds from the holiday of beach amusement. The 44 horses, two sleighs, a goat, and a bunny all move in unison when the ride is in motion. Along with the carousel, many people like to take pictures of the distinctive Looff Hippodrome building, which features a quirky fusion of Byzantine domes, Spanish colonial towers, and Moorish openings.

Trapeze School

The Santa Monica Pier offers visitors a chance to add the ideal flair to their holiday. Trapeze School NYC is a fantastic location if folks want to discover something unique and challenging. Visitors who master the technique will have a sensation of flying over the pier. It’s a great deal of fun and a fantastic way to workout. The place provides classes in trampoline, static trapeze, silks, flying trapeze, and other things. A person would undoubtedly like to master the aerial trapeze and acrobatic arts and have a great time doing it.

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Where To Eat At The Pier

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

Bubba’s brings the South to Southern California and is a bustling place to satisfy the cravings for shrimp or perhaps a few Dixie-way baby back wings. The Santa Monica Pier dining offers inventive seafood meals made with freshly caught fish, as well as breathtaking vistas and a wide selection of kid-friendly menu options. While there are many different ways to cook shrimp, visitors may also get a wide array of Southern dishes like Southern Fried Chicken, Cajun-style Mahi Mahi, and Baby Back Ribs.

Mariasol Cocina Mexicana

The vibrant Baja cantina is at the tip of Santa Monica Dock with panoramic decks and unparalleled Ocean views. It provides tasty Mexican favorites and live bands and is the ideal place to enjoy a drink and enjoy the sun going down. Mariasol offers dishes such as tableside guacamole, shrimp fajitas, Camacho Tacos, Sombrero Salad, Viva Mexico Burritos, crab enchiladas, and Baja fish tacos, in addition to other dishes from the coastal region of Mexico. To end their dinner on a sweet note, people can also enjoy the Flan de Miel, a delightful honey dessert.

The Albright

The Albright serves the finest fish and was Pier’s premier environmentally friendly venture. Visitors can truly enjoy the seaside lifestyle at the Santa Monica Pier by treating themselves to pails of freshly cooked crabs, oysters, and lobsters in an alfresco dining setting on the porch. There is also an option of taco, poke, and ceviche plates along with the traditional fish and chips. The venue also has a sizable craft beer selection and California wine pairings for its visitors.

Although California has unique spa and wellness resorts, visiting this place would also give one the perfect unwinding option. Santa Monica is indeed a great location to visit, and its pier provides an excellent opportunity for a day out for all. Therefore, this is the location to explore in LA if people are looking for a fantastic spot to enjoy themselves.