Fluffy Cats Racing To Greet Their Pawrent After Work Delight Internet

A cute video of two Ragdoll cats greeting their human dad after work has gone viral on TikTok, bagging over 2.8 million views. In the video posted to @tillieandtommy, the two cats, named Tillie and Tommy, can be seen waiting patiently for the door to open. Kitten Tommy can then be seen sprinting down the corridor of the apartment building to greet dad, while the older cat Tillie drops on the floor, described as “the ragdoll flop.”

Ragdollcatsworld.com reported that “the Ragdoll flop” is a common trait of the breed wherein they become very floppy upon being picked up, or when they simply flop on the floor, exposing their bellies.

One user commented: “My Dad had a cat that used to wait for him at the end of the street. Then he’d have to open the door to his van for her to ride home with him,” while another commented: “when my ragdoll hears her dad come home she runs to the front door, gets in her “act natural” position and does the same roll fancy meeting u here”.

In 2021, the Ragdoll was named most popular breed by the Cat Fanciers’ Association for the fourth year in a row.

Ragdolls cost anywhere from $800 to $2,000, depending on the state in which they’re purchased, and many owners keep their pets inside.

Ragdoll cat
Ragdoll cats. Stock image. According to experts all Ragdoll cats have blue eyes. If a Ragdoll has different colored eyes, it’s probably not a pure breed.
Lachy_Bartholomew/Getty Images

Described as “docile and sweet” and “popular with families” by Purina, the breed was effectively man-made, being created in the early 1960s by California-based breeder Anne Baker. She used an Angora-type male with white gloves and boots in a Siamese color, and a solid black female to produce her first Ragdoll cats. According to Purina, the aim was to create a laid-back and “glamorous” cat breed, less aloof than the standard cat and good for families.

Describing their personalities, Purina said: “The Ragdoll cat personality will give the impression that they’re nothing but a very cuddly dog. In fact, you might even notice them waiting patiently for their owners to come back home or carrying around in their teeth.” their favorite toys. Not to mention, they absolutely adore fetch time.”

Users were delighted by the breed’s adorable behaviour.

User Montellarags commented: “There’s the typical ‘Ragdoll flop and roll’ right there. Love it!”.

User Bee Witch said: “Runing to greet daddy when he gets home. Too frikken cute!”.

User HalfBloodPug wrote: “‘you have lots to learn little one, make the human come to you’.”

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