Jinx- Cat With the Biggest Eyes Became Mayor of Hell, MI for a Day

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A cat’s eyes are as beautiful as any gemstone and as shiny as the stars in the sky. That’s especially true for California kitty jinx, an adorable black cat whose eyes are wide-set and huge. She definitely has an expressive face.

Jinx kitten on shoulder

Images/media via Instagram/bigfootjinx

“I rescued Jinx in 2018 and I wasn’t even looking for a cat,” Jinx’s owner Mia told MLive. “I came home early from a football game. I was supposed to be home much later. I heard meowing in my backyard and discovered her. She was super tiny, only about three weeks old.”

Jinx won Mia Over Immediately

“I think from the very second we found Jinx, I knew there was no chance we would end up giving her away. She was just so tiny and adorable no one would be able to! As soon as I brought her inside and she curled up on my chest I knew she was my cat.”

Jinx kitten with great big eyes

black cat with huge eyes

Mia could tell there were a couple of different things about Jinx as the kitten grew, according to People and MLive.

“She had big eyes and as she grew, her eyes didn’t get smaller and I also noticed she had big feet,” says Mia. But the vet, she says, found the little cat to be healthy. She just has these birth defects. She’s also not as agile as most cats and is a little clumsy. She only learned to land on her feet a year ago.”

Jinx, Star of Instagram And TikTok.

And with her adorably sweet personality, Jinx is a huge hit on TikTok, with over 735,000 followers, and also on Instagram where she has a following of over 400,000.

It’s easy to see why. Jinx is a natural ham for the camera. With her sideways feet and round yellow eyes, she’s as cute as can be. 😻

Jinx, black kitten, feet

kitten with sideways feet

🐈‍⬛ One of a Kind 🐈‍⬛

And Mia says it’s the highlight of her day when she comes home from college to her cute best friend.

“Any time I get home she always greets me and will come lay on me in bed, she’s very clingy but it’s the sweetest thing ever because you can tell how full of love she is.”

“My favorite thing about Jinx aside from her goofy looks is how loving she is, she is such a sweet and unique cat,” says Mia. “I’ve never met any cat like her, she’s absolutely one of a kind.”

Indeed, this beautiful cat’s huge round eyes are deeply expressive. It’s almost like you completely understand what she’s feeling at any given moment.

expressive eyes, black cat

It’s completely clear that Jinx and her humom are touched by whimsy. Jinx has more than a few cute costumes to wear and a line of cute, plush toys that bear her image. One thing that’s also immediately clear is that this little black cat with a hint of white on her tummy is one very lively kitty.

☄️ The Fireball In The House ☄️

kitten with flower hat

Jinx with a plushie that looks like him

“The most unique thing about Jinx’s personality is how energetic she can be at times. She’s either 0 or 100, Mia tells me. “When she’s not napping peacefully, she’s attacking anything that moves in her radius. She’s not very good at like ‘hunting’ but I think it’s hilarious when she tries.”

Jinx Earns A Special Honor

But then one day, Mia decided she wanted to do something that was even more fun. MLive reports. So she took to Twitter.

“I made a joke on Twitter saying, imagine Jinx will run for president. I had also seen animal mayors before and I tweeted out asking how to make Jinx mayor and someone mentioned Michigan and that you could pay to be the mayor of Hell for a day.”

So Jinx’s stint as Mayor for a day in Hell, Michigan became a done deal. It costs about $100 to do this, and “after talking with the reverend, we agreed on a date and it was set!” And looks like the duo had a blast on their special day.

Amazingly, Jinx even earned a mention by Seth Myers on his show:

Jinx is an amazing kitty and I find her just absolutely heartwarming. In the video below, Mia talks about how much she loves her girl and how wonderful black cats truly are (because it’s true.) I couldn’t be happier that Mia and her family rescued this little girl because I know Jinx will always be safe and always be loved. This story just couldn’t have a nicer ending.

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