Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Mass Outbreaks: Shiny Hunting, outbreak odds, chaining & spawn rates

Published: 2022-11-23T20:22:09

Updated: 2022-11-23T20:22:23

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players can hunt specific species using the Mass Outbreak feature that was introduced in Gen 8’s Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Here is how it works in the Paldea region.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players have plenty of ways to catch Pokemon in Gen 8’s Paldea region. The vast open-world maps and new “Let’s Go” battle feature make traveling and level grinding a breeze. Players can also transition seamlessly between exploring the overworld and entering a wild encounter.

While many of the features introduced in Gen 8’s Pokemon Legends: Arceus have not made their way into Scarlet & Violet, one exciting mechanic was carried over. Mass Outbreaks are locations on the overworld map that have a high number of Pokemon spawns for a limited period of time.

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Mass Outbreaks are the perfect way to hunt for Shiny Pokemon, as well as fill out the Pokedex. Below is everything players need to know to find and use Mass Outbreaks to the fullest.

Players may also want to check out the Level Order guide for Scarlet & Violet or take a glance at the Sandwich guide to get the best boosts before setting out to battle and catch the species they are hunting for.

How to find a Mass Outbreak in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Players can find Mass Outbreaks by opening their world map and looking for the red double skull icons.

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Mass Outbreak IconThe Pokemon Company

The Mass Outbreak icon will show a “?” for unknown spawning species or the image of the Pokemon that has been discovered spawning in that area. This is perfect for trainers looking to catch specific companions.

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When do Mass Outbreaks reset in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Unlike Pokemon Legends: Arceus Mass Outbreaks, which respawned when players entered the world map, Scarlet & Violet’s Mass Outbreaks only respawn once per day.

These spawns can be reset by “time traveling”, which requires players to change the date of their Nintendo Switch console forward one day at a time – but it is important to note that these changes won’t affect the in-game weather or clock .

What are the Shiny rates of Mass Outbreaks?

While the base Shiny rates in Scarlet & Violet is a possible 1/4096, mass outbreak odds can get as low as a possible 1/512.44.

To do this, players will need to ensure they have a few items ready to go. The first is a Sandwich with Sparkling Power Lv. 3, and the other is the Shiny Charm. With both of these items, players will then need to knock out 60+ Pokemon appearing in the Mass Outbreak to activate the best odds. Below are the Shiny odds as applied to Mass Outbreaks:

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How do Pokemon appear in Scarlet & Violet’s Mass Outbreaks?

According to Sibuna_Switch on Twitter, players will need to dispatch Four rounds of Pokemon spawns to complete a Mass Outbreak in Scarlet & Violet.

After completing each round, players will be alerted of the status of the outbreak by a notification. These will read as follows:

  • Round 1: “The number of (featured Pokemon) in the outbreak is starting to go down…
  • Round 2: “The number of (featured Pokemon) in the outbreak is definitely getting lower…
  • Round 3: “There are not many (featured Pokemon) left from the original outbreak…
  • Round 4: “The Pokemon from the outbreak have dispersed!”

Is there “chaining” when Shiny hunting in Scarlet & Violet

There is no chaining feature in Scarlet & Violet’s Mass Outbreaks.

Chaining, which has been a core Shiny hunting mechanic in past games, is the act of encountering the same Pokemon and defeating or catching it in repetition until encountering a Shiny. When featured, higher “chains” improve the odds of finding a Shiny.

When knocking out the needed Pokemon in a Scarlet & Violet outbreak, players can leave the area, open their menu, fly to a town, or visit a Pokemon center and it will not reset or otherwise negatively impact the number of Pokemon defeated. This means those trying to get their 60+ Shiny rate boost from a Mass Outbreak can keep coming back as long as that specific raid is active.

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Additionally, players can visit other Mass Outbreaks, as they each have their own Shiny count for that Mass Outbreak.

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