Remember Joey Lawrence’s Little Brother, Andrew Lawrence? Here’s what he’s doing now

It is a common occurrence in Hollywood for two or more siblings to make it big. While one brother or sister will almost always be more successful than the others, there are some instances where the levels of fame and success are not particularly disparate.

Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal, Dakota and Elle Fanning, as well as Chris, Liam and Luke Hemsworth are all sibling groups who have all enjoyed significant professional achievements at an individual level.

In other instances, however, one sibling tends to live in the shadow of their more accomplished kin. This is particularly true for someone like actress Jamie-Lynn Spears, who has never achieved quite a similar level of success as her superstar sister, Britney Spears.

Haylie Duff, Dixie D’Amelio and even Solange Knowles are also examples of very talented individuals who nonetheless have to accept their place in the light of their more illustrious siblings. The same can be said of actor Andrew Lawrence, the younger brother of ’90s star, Joey Lawrence.

As a matter of fact, the role that Andrew is arguably best known for was in the sitcom Brotherly Love, also starring Joey and their other brother, Matthew. Decades since the end of that particular show, what is the youngest of the Lawrence brothers up to now?

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8/8 Andrew Lawrence Is A Musician

Although he is best known for his acting work, Andrew Lawrence’s talents go beyond that. Like a number of his Hollywood peers, the Pennsylvania native is a surprisingly gifted musician.

Like his acting, though, the extent of Lawrence’s achievements as a singer are also quite limited. His only studio work is an EP titled Kings of Marchwhich he released in 2016.


Andrew Lawrence is an active social media user. He follows 399 accounts on Twitter, where he has also accumulated nearly 13,000 followers. He only rarely posts on that platform, however, with most of his activity focused on Instagram.

Lawrence’s Instagram followers surpass the 80,000 mark, and he follows 918 accounts himself.

6/8 Andrew Lawrence Is Involved In Charity

One of the common highlights of Andrew Lawrence’s social media activity is his involvement in charitable endeavors. He particularly has a soft spot for animals, and he travels around the world raising money for various wildlife causes.

Lawrence is also just an all-round animal lover, with his Instagram consisting of photos of dogs, donkeys, chameleons, iguanas, birds, etc.

5/8 Andrew Lawrence Has Done Some Marketing Work

Among the number of things keeping Andrew Lawrence busy is some promotional work he did alongside his two brothers. In a July post on Instagram, he shared a video of Joey, Matthew and him in an advert for tech giants Google and Samsung.

Marketing is not one of his core occupations, though, with more of his focus seemingly going towards music and other interests.

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4/8 Andrew Lawrence Is A Fitness Enthusiast

Another one of Andrew Lawrence’s hobbies would appear to be fitness, again going by some of his posts on social media. During the COVID lockdown in 2020, he is quarantined with his brother Joey. The pair combined to create a goofy workout video which he posted on Instagram.

Although the clip starts out with Andrew munching on some chips while Joey lifts weights, he does go through the motions himself, in the process showing off his chiseled arms and body.

3/8 Andrew Lawrence Is Also Passionate About Biking

The list of things that Andrew Lawrence takes an interest in is made even longer by his apparent love for bikes and biking. In August 2018, he shared a photo of himself atop a Harley-Davidson, and captioned the post: “#wild #addicted #motorcycle.”

This was just one of the various bike-themed photos that Lawrence has shared over the years.

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2/8 What Is Andrew Lawrence’s Relationship Status?

Andrew Lawrence’s love life is one of the elements about him that he seems to have successfully hidden away from public knowledge. Despite his regular activity on social media, the artist has never once shared a photo or message that hinted at a relationship.

It is not publicly known whether Andrew Lawrence is currently involved with someone, just as there is hardly any history of any past relationships.

1/8 Is Andrew Lawrence Still Acting?

Andrew Lawrence has not quite kept up with his brother Joey in terms of acting, but he has continued to enjoy a number of screen roles nonetheless. On the big screen, he has played various roles in productions like Money Plane, The Office Mix-up and A Deadly Deed.

In 2019, Lawrence also voiced a character in the game Need for Speed ​​Heat (NFS Heat). He was last seen acting on TV in a 2015 episode of CSI: Cyber.