Samsara Luggage Takes Charge of Travel Tech

The holiday travel outlook is shaping up well for Samsara Luggage as the travel brand reports celebrating unprecedented growth after the launch of its smart luggage and travel accessories — products that are made to ease the travel experience as the industry continues its recovery after a 2-year upheaval due to the pandemic.

Holiday travel is kicking off this week with many wondering what to expect after a turbulent summer season where staffing was short and lost luggage made the headlines. Air travel is expected to increase beyond pre-pandemic numbers according to PwC’s annual Holiday Outlook report. Air travel has picked up again, with almost half of travellers — 46% — planning to fly, up from 40% in 2021 and 33% in 2020. The last peak in travel was marked with complications, with overbooked planes, long wait times, canceled flights and over a million lost bags in the US Between January and June 2022. The percentage of lost bags, when compared to 2019, is 30% more.

As the travel industry’s recovery continues, Samsara Luggage Inc says they are well-positioned to help improve the traveler experience.

Samsara Luggage Inc has come up with a clever way to ease stress among travelers and provide customers with a seamless and easy traveling experience. Awarded Special Mention in TIME’s Best Inventions of 2022 list, Samsara Luggage has designed a line of suitcases with an embedded Apple AirTag. The suitcase can be tracked using the Find My app on the iPhone. Now travelers can stay a step ahead by accessing information about their lost or stolen luggage using their personal mobile device.

Samsara Luggage’s Tag Smart suitcase is designed with a durable aluminum frame and TSA-approved combination locks that keep the AirTag protected. The Tag Smart technology is meant to help change the game for travelers by creating a lower-stress experience by letting travelers know where their valuables are at all times.

Samsara Luggage Is Partnering With Big Brands To Bring Its Tech Luggage To More Consumers

In October, Samsara Luggage made its debut at Tommy Bahama retail stores around the country.

“Samsara’s presence in a fleet of Tommy Bahama retail stores is a milestone for the company,” says Atara Dzikowski, Co-founder & CEO, Samsara Luggage. “The exemplary customer experience and hospitality that the Tommy Bahama stores are known for made the decision to come out of the web and into the brick-and-mortar space an easy one. We are thrilled to give everyone curious about Samsara the opportunity to see the quality of our products in-person for the first time.”

Click here For more information about Samsara Luggage’s recent partnerships with Tommy Bahama and other notable companies.

It may be exciting to see how Samsara Luggage continues to innovate in the travel technology industry.

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Photo by Pascal Meyer on unsplash