Sanders Architecture combines rustic and contemporary for a Texas house

Operable glass walls flank the living spaces of this sprawling Texas ranch, which was designed by Sanders Architecture to appear “like it rose up from the land.”

The Rockin’ 8 Ranch is located in Brown County, in central Texas. It’s comprised of three buildings – a garage, a guest house and the main residence – that sit atop a rocky outcropping with views of the surrounding property.

Sanders Architecture sandstone house Texas
Sanders Architecture designed the house in the central Texas

“In order to capture the breathtaking views of Jim Ned Valley from every room, the main lodge structure, and the smaller guest house are located on the side of a rocky hill,” said the Texas-based Sanders Architecture.

It would have been easier to design and build a house for a flat parcel within the ranch, but [founder] Christopher Sanders wanted the home to be tucked into the landscape,” said the studio.

Rockin 8 Ranch by Sanders Architecture
Three buildings sit atop a rocky outcropping

“It needed to look like it rose up from the land,” he added.

In addition to a 2,700-square-foot (250 square metres) building that the owners occupy, there is a guesthouse with two bedrooms, a garage that is connected to the home by a covered driveway, and a swimming pool.

Rockin 8 Ranch by Sanders Architecture
The home has a guest house and a swimming pool

Visitors enter the home into a central hall that leads to the various communal rooms, including the living room, kitchen, bar and formal dining room.

The walls of the central area were constructed with stacked sandstone, which gives the area the feeling of being an exterior space.

Exposed steel trusses in living room
Wooden ceilings supported by exposed steel trusses feature in the living room

The owner’s suite is within a separate volume, slightly offset from the common areas. Sanders Architecture included two separate closets in this area, as well as a bathroom that takes in views of the surrounding trees near the house.

The living room is set apart from the kitchen and bar area and features glass walls on three sides and tall wooden ceilings supported by exposed steel trusses.

Bathroom views
A bathroom takes in views of the surrounding trees

“In the living room, exposed trusses mark the soaring ceiling, and an awning-style glass wall cranks open with a simple mechanical gear,” said the studio.

Natural airflow and views of the valley below can be enjoyed from three sides of the living room by opening up floor-to-ceiling glass doors.

Kitchen by Sanders Architecture
The interiors feature weathered materials

There is a large patio outside the living room that is sheltered from the Texas sun by an overhanging canopy that rests on slender steel columns.

The interiors feature a colorful palette, with weathered materials that complement the estate’s 350-acre (142 hectares) site. Many of the furnishings nod to the ranch’s history, such as leather accents, woven textiles, and reclaimed fittings.

Rustic materials contrast with the more contemporary finishes.

“The use of ashlar masonry with rubble chinking, juxtaposed against tailored metal panels, results in a façade that is equally warm and modern,” said Sanders Architecture.

Sanders Architecture bedroom
Many of the furnishings nod to the ranch’s history

The guest house takes its cues from the main property. It counts two bedrooms, each with its own ensuite, and is separated from the owner’s house by the pool, which gives visitors more privacy.

Other Texas houses include a residence in Austin with “weird and funky” interiors and another ranch in Marfa with rammed-earth walls built around a central courtyard.

The images are courtesy of Sanders Architecture.