Marvel Snap Featured Location: Best decks for Vibranium Mines

Every week a new location is added to Marvel Snap by Second Dinner and it is featured for the next 48 hours, appearing 40 percent more times during matches.

This week it’s Wakanda-themed Vibranium Mines in the hopper.

Thinking of a deck or strategy that takes advantage of the new location may not guarantee a win every game, but it should increase your chances of gaining more cubes by 40 percent as long as the new location continues to appear more frequently.

How to use the Vibranium Mines location in Marvel Snap

Screengrab via Marvel Snap

Vibranium Mines is a location of the common rarity with the effect “When you play a card here, shuffle three Vibranium into your deck.”

It’s another location related to Wakanda as part of the Warriors of Wakanda season. Vibranium Mines uses a mechanic similar to the Lechuguilla location, which also adds cards to the player’s deck whenever one of their cards is played in that location. The big difference is the created cards are not practically useless rocks; they are Vibranium.

Image via Marvel Snap

Vibranium is a one-cost card with four power and the effect: “Ongoing: Can’t be destroyed.”

This means it’s possible to add a lot of four-power one-cost cards to your deck, but the key is how to use that to your advantage. Its undestroyable effect greatly limits the options opponents have to disrupt its use, as it cannot be countered by Killmonger.

Players can avoid the location until late turns, when the chances of drawing a Vibranium are lower, especially in decks that contain America Chavez. Players who want to make use of Vibranium have some interesting options.

Highlight cards

Some cards may benefit more from the new location than others individually. Regardless of the deck you are playing, if you have these cards they must be taken into account. An honorable mention for Spectrum, who can power up Vibranium in a final round to surprise the enemy.


Image via Marvel Snap

Quinjet is available in pool three and its effect “Ongoing: Cards that didn’t start in your deck cost 1 less.” Seems perfect for the situation. The idea is to accumulate Vibranium to be played in the last turn on a large scale, possibly surprising the opponent. Its use undoubtedly makes Vibranium more accessible.


Image via Marvel Snap

Cerebro is available in pool three and its effect “Ongoing: Your highest Power cards get +2 Power.” can create an interesting situation for players who can accumulate and play a lot of Vibranium. It is important to remember that, for this to work, Vibranium must be the most powerful card on your side of the board.


Image via Marvel Snap

Okoye is available in pool two and its effect “On Reveal: Give every card in your deck +1 Power.” can buff a large group of Vibranium added to the deck to play them better in future rounds.

Best Decks to use with Vibranium Mines in Marvel Snap

These are our suggestions for any Marvel Snap player to enjoy the effects of Vibranium Mines, regardless of collection level.

Vibranium Mines pool one

Screengrab via Marvel Snap Zone

Unfortunately one pool doesn’t have many tools that can really be put to use in the new Vibranium Mines location. Of the archetypes present in the best decks for beginners, Zoo is the one that seems best suited to the new locale.

Simple strategy, fill the board with units and power them up in the final turns. America Chavez helps buy Vibranium more often.

Vibranium Mines pool two

Screengrab via Marvel Snap Zone

The pool two cards in this deck are Sunspot and Okoye. The idea remains the same as the pool one deck, but with the addition of Okoye to strengthen Vibranium. This buff in conjunction with Ka-zar and/or Blue Marvel can make a difference in the final point count.

Elektra is present in both decks presented so far as it is a good counter to cards like Sunspot and Ant-man, which are common to find online in these pools.

Pool three

Here is when the possibilities take flight. With so many different cards able to be combined we can see some different options for using the new location.

Vibranium Mines Quinjet Crystal

Screengrab via Marvel Snap Zone

The pool three cards in this deck are Quinjet, Mojo, and Crystal.

The central idea of ​​the deck is to use Quinjet’s effect to reduce the cost of Vibranium to zero, which makes it possible to surprise the opponent with multiple cards with large amounts of power thanks to the buffs of Ka-Zar and Blue Marvel.

The ideal plan is to get as much use as you can in the early turns. Then play Crystal to draw three more cards, which will have a higher chance of being Vibranium, and use the strongest cards at the end.

Vibranium mines Cerebro

Screengrab via Marvel Snap Zone

The pool three cards in this deck are Quinjet, Colleen Wing, Cerebro, Mystique, Crystal, and Magik.

The main strategy of this deck is to make use of Cerebro to buff as much Vibranium as possible. To achieve this, we use Quinjet to reduce the Vibranium costs to zero, and together with them, we have other cards with four power to receive the effect of Cerebro.

Magik and Crystal are there to draw more cards and extend the game in order to get more Vibranium to be played around the board.

Mystique should be used to double the effect of Cerebro and Moongirl can double the number of Vibranium in hand if there is enough space.

Final words

Although adding cards to the deck is not the most favorable of events, the effect is worse when using a deck with specific synergies.

This means more generic decks are more likely to shine.

Since it’s a new one Marvel Snap location of common rarity, it’s sure to appear in several games after the event and whenever a player doesn’t want to rely on locations to win, cards like Scarlet Witch, Tempest, or even Magik can help.