Waterpik Cordless Select review | Live Science

The Waterpik Cordless Select is a good all round water flosser, but falls short of other brands and Waterpik flossers we’ve tested due to the lack of variety with pressure settings and a small reservoir. It does, however, offer charging options that other Waterpik products don’t, which makes it useful for travel or if you have a small bathroom. However, it’s more expensive than some of Waterpik’s corded counterparts, which are more powerful, and with fewer features it’s hard to see why.

Waterpik Cordless Select: Essential info



Four hours to recharge from empty

USB or shaver charging options option

45 seconds of reservoir capacity

Three different tips (4 total)

Two pressure settings (Low/High)

Quiet design

Ergonomic buttons

Magnetic charging port

Charge indicator light

Being cordless and waterproof, the Select gives you the option to take it in the shower with you, which can limit mess since water flossers tend to spray a bit. It is easy to wipe the exterior down and dry it, but you might struggle to clean the reservoir as it has two small holes; One for filling and one for the uptake tube. However, you can completely detach it from the body of the flosser and place it upside down to drain out, which may prevent it getting too damp between uses.